sharing the road

When learning to drive it is not just other cars on the road you have to be aware of. Cyclists on the road can make learner drivers a little nervous. Safety is always top of the list when taking to the road, but even more so when it comes to cyclists.

We love sharing our hints and tips to make you a better driver, and hereโ€™s ours for how to drive safely when sharing the road around cyclists.

  • Use your indicators

Popping on your indicators in good time will help cyclists know what your intentions are. Cyclists wonโ€™t know your intentions purely based on your road position, so make sure you give them the right information by using your indicators.

  • Check your mirrors

When it comes to cyclists, your mirrors are your best friends โ€“ especially when turning. Cyclists can be hidden anywhere, so check every mirror and your blind spot before attempting any manoeuvres.

  • Give as much space as possible when overtaking

As cyclists can wobble or not be able to ride in a straight line, either due to the road itself or weather conditions, you need to give them as much room as youโ€™d give a car (Highway Code). This is not always possible so if there is not enough space, donโ€™t attempt it.  

  • Donโ€™t drive too close

Not only do you need to give them space when overtaking, but also need to keep your distance when driving behind them too. They need time and space when they are making decisions and turning too. Also, things like a sudden gust of wind can send them off balance so give them room to adjust themselves.

  • Wait at the lights

When waiting at the traffic lights make sure you leave cyclists the space to move to the front, and the time to move off when the lights turn green. Also, as a side note, make sure you stop at the first white line at the lights if there is a cyclist box at the front.

So be aware and donโ€™t rush. Remember, you are learning to be the best driver you can be and make the right decisions. Sharing the road safely with cyclists, as well as other vehicles, is very important โ€“ and can even be the difference between a pass and a fail on test day.

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