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At Licence2Drive we are aware that for whatever reason learning to drive in a manual car is not for everybody. It might be that you have tried learning in a manual and didn’t get on with it. Maybe you’re nervous or have a disability which makes controlling the car more difficult.

Choosing automatic driving lessons in Norwich means that you don’t have to worry about the gears or the clutch. This means no biting point, no biting point means no rolling back and no stalling!

Automatic driving lessons are certainly easier, no changing up and down. When slowing down or speeding up the car will decide what gear you need to be in and will make the change for you so you don’t get distracted. This allows you to focus on your decision making in relation to the road and other road users while you have both hands on the wheel.

Learning to drive in an automatic also means that you will learn more quickly than you would in a manual which in turn means it will cost you less!

The only limitation of automatic driving lessons in Norwich is that once you pass your licence will only entitle you to drive an automatic car. Historically this restricted your choice of cars however with the technological advancement of hybrid and electric cars the sale of automatic cars is catching those of manual ones.

Whatever your reason for choosing automatic driving lessons in Norwich Licence2Drive will help you obtain your freedom and your automatic licence.

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