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Your examiner will only ask you to do one out of the four on the driving test syllabus, but you will not know which one until the actual test. So before you jump into the car with the examiner, make sure you are comfortable to complete them all.

So let’s take a closer look at these manoeuvres…


  • Parallel parking

When it comes to parking safely on the road, this is the manoeuvres you will need. Obviously you want to be close to the kerb and a safe distance from the cars in front and/or behind. It is probably the manoeuvre that most students can struggle with, or think they will struggle with, but try not to panic. Just follow the steps your instructor gives you and you will get it in no time.


  • Bay parking

Let’s be honest, this will be the manoeuvres you will use again, and again, and again… at the supermarket, at the shopping centre, and in every car park you will encounter. Learning to do it right is actual surprisingly easy once you know the step-by-step procedure. Once you learn the how, you will be able to do it successfully every time.


  • Turn in the road

You’ve probably heard this be called the ‘three point turn’ by anyone over the age of 30, but you don’t need to actually do it in three to pass your test. Your instructor won’t move you on to this manoeuvre until you have a few key skills under control, like clutch control, reversing, and accurate steering.


  • Reversing round a corner

In narrow or busy roads, it might not always be possible to the do the turn you need. In steps reversing round a corner. Preparation and awareness are key for this manoeuvre, and you will definitely need to give those mirrors a good workout. And watch that blind spot too!


You may also be required to do an emergency stop too. It is absolutely essential to know how to stop you car as quickly as possible – without skidding and sliding all over the place.

Remember, don’t panic about your manoeuvres. You will get there when you are ready, and the Licence2Drive instructors will have you manoeuvring about in no time!